Mastery of the language, guarantee of professional integration

Recruiting international talent is a major challenge for a company, but collective performance often comes up against the language barrier.

  • Flexibility

    The different formulas we offer combine on-site training with remote sessions. After a positioning test carried out on your premises, learning sessions are done with Skype or an equivalent.
  • Reliability

    Mangers can monitor the commitment of the cohort thanks to statistics. Traceability covers participation in sessions and practice of exercises, as well as a qualitative approach in terms of progress.
  • Predictability

    Based on the latest scientific advances, our algorithms manage the reward and reinforcement loops to better adjust the level of difficulty and promote long-term commitment.

A personalized service

The originality of alacarteachers lies in the articulation between, on the one hand, a pragmatic approach of the foreign language, centered on the conversation, and on the other side on a powerful database with the typical errors of the learners, in particular those who speak English. During the lessons, our expert trainers gradually build a cognitive and linguistic profile of each student. From this profile, a "snail" route is elaborated by our algorithms: each error is the starting point of a systematic training that leads to a global study of the underlying notion.

A mobile app to study everywhere

In addition to the exercises available on the platform, your employees can study at any time on our AlaC1 application. It relies on the spaced storage system, which has been proven to acquire vocabulary. The approach is generalized to grammar and pronunciation. The practice on the mobile app, just like the exercises, relies on the positioning test and on the lessons.

Adapted training

During the face-to-face sessions, your employees benefit from an expert trainer who assesses their overall progress and gives meaning to their commitment to distance learning. The trainer encourages and facilitates interactions between employees in connection with the company's themes. The exercises made available to your employees are designed based on the needs identified during the sessions.

Practical tools

The workload in the most sought-after companies often leads employees to relegate training commitments to the bottom of the pile. Thanks to the monitoring tools made available to management and the human resources department, regulations are simplified. They are based on objective data such as time spent and progress made.


Remote sessions are conducted at the most convenient time for your employees. If training on working time is not allowed, access to the server will be limited accordingly. Remote trainers are available before and after office hours on weekdays as well as on weekends.

Accessible exercise

Systematization exercises are by default accessible at all times. The beaches can be targeted by the company. Unlike the exercises traditionally provided by distance learning platforms, the activities proposed on alacarteachers are based on the needs that emerged during the sessions. This method makes it possible in particular to eradicate in a few weeks the errors that come back most frequently.

They trust us.

Companies trust us in training their employees to learn different languages. Take the plunge and do like her!